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Quality Guarantee

All prints are produced to the highest quality possible - both photographic as well as canvas prints.

Photographic Prints

All photographic prints are printed by a professional photo lab on a Durst Lambda Large-Format Digital Laser Imager using Fujiflex photographic paper. Fujiflex is a 7mil (.007 of an inch) thick polyester-based material that incorporates a super-smooth, extremely high gloss finish. It produces extended contrast, exceptional colours, deep blacks and clean whites. The Durst Lambda exposes the images directly to the Fujiflex paper using red, green and blue laser beams. After exposure, the image undergoes traditional chemical processing. This technology results in what are probably the highest quality photographic prints in the world.


Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are now an affordable, and equally importantly, high quality alternative. During printing high quality, long-lasting, vivid colour inks imported from the United States are used. These pigment inks have been tested and used by over 10,000 customers worldwide. They offer an excellent range of colours and resistance to fading. They have been independently tested by the Wilhelm Institute to last up to 75 years before noticeable fading. This is much longer than traditional photos when framed and hung on the wall.

The canvas used is a archival, acid-free matte canvas. It is smooth, bright white and offers excellent reproduction for photographs, is water resistant and displays exceptionally dense black and colors. It is significantly heavier than the canvas being used by many other companies. Lighter grade canvases are generally cheaper to make, but are usually of lesser quality.