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4 May ? In the Wild
In the morning we went out with our guide again. As we drove towards the delta where the River Nile enters Lake Albert we passed an army camp where there is a permanent military presence, including a tank. Having passed that we again saw elephants, giraffe, water buffalo, wild pigs, antelope, deer and wart hogs. ... read more
3 May ? Preaching and Resting
In the morning we went to the local Pentecostal Assembly of God church where I was the guest preacher. After an hour of singing and prayer they had allocated 45-60 minutes for the preaching. Some people moan if the sermon goes over 20 minutes, and they wanted at least twice that! ... read more
2 May ? Teaching in Arua
Right from the start the pace was faster in Arua. For a start no translation was needed for the main group. There were two pastors who needed help, but one pastor sat in a corner with them and translated as I went. So I didn?t go too fast. It was also easier as I had some a better idea of what was a helpful structure for people. ... read more
1 May - Travelling to Arua
We decided to leave Soroti early for a number of reasons. One was the distance to be travelled and time it would take. But primarily it was because the Ugandan President was going to be in Soroti for the Labour Day celebrations. As a result security was very tight, with police on every corner. There was also a strong military presence. So we headed in the opposite direction to all the other traffic and left at 6:30am. ... read more
29-30 Apr - Teaching in Soroti
For two days I lectured to about 70 pastors of the United Pentecostal Assembly of God from the local area. Most of them had given up time for planting crops to come to the seminars. All are self-supporting and had cycled up to 40 kilometres to be there. ... read more
28 Apr - Waking up in Uganda
The plane arrived at Entebbe at 8:00 pm and as soon as you stepped out of the plane to the top of the stairs the warmth and humidity hit. Because of the time of night it was like being ambushed - tiredness may also have contributed. ... read more
26 Apr - Chicago
After a great breakfast, that included marmalade on toast, and a wonderful phone-call with Sheralyn it was off to the airport. The Raleigh airport is actually really nice, brand new and spacious. I checked ticketing for my flights and asked if it would be possible to get window seats. Granted! Things were looking good. Imagine how I felt when we were told the flight to Chicago was delayed 10 minutes because of rain there. ... read more
25 Apr - ANZAC Day in America
25 Apr - ANZAC Day Anguish in America ... read more
22 Apr - Fa(s)t Food
Today I discovered how much Southern culture has rubbed off onto Mike, especially the fascination with food. Or it may be the sense of hospitality.
We drove for over an hour to "Patti's" a restaurant known for its 2 inch thick char-grilled pork chops. ... read more
21 Apr - A Day of Contrasts
After a sleep-in and quiet start I had the opportunity to catch up with Amy. The sleep-in came after the Compassion Dinner in Nashville where I had the privilege of sitting next to the Christian artist Eli. ... read more
20 Apr - Travelling
Mike and I travelled from Memphis to Nashville, using one of the back roads. The scenery was beautiful - green, undulating hills and interesting little towns. There were even some reasonable clouds. We drove into a nature reserve and got to see the forests that had bordered the roads close up. ... read more
19 Apr - Memphis
This morning the Conference in Jackson MS finished and it was time to say goodbye to some new friends as well as old friends. What a pity we could not have had more time together. I did not mention Vanessa Kersting in the last post, but her music added heart and rhythm to the weekend. ... read more
18 Apr - Soul Food
This weekend I attended "The Shack Conference" hosted by Perichoresis in Jackson Mississippi. As my last posts suggest, rich food is important in Jackson. The teaching at the conference was rich, very rich. Unlike some rich food, this was solid and nourishing, not heavy and energy sapping. Each speaker was excellent: Paul Young, Baxter Kruger, Malcolm Smith and Ken Blue. ... read more
17 Apr - Southern Food
The food theme has to continue, it is a major part of life in the south. Had a quiet morning then helped with some more preparation for the conference.

We had lunch at Newk's which was really nice. The photo is of Vanessa's "Half-Sandwhich". I had a chicken pizza which, thankfully, came on a thin pita-style base. We went by the National Guard Airbase - those Globemasters are big planes. ... read more
16 Apr - Jackson
Folk here in Jackson are wonderful and the area is beautiful. The photo is the view out my window. Vanessa, who's also here from Australia for the Perichoresis Conference, has been me driving all over the place. We went looking for Converse shoes for my girls yesterday - no luck yet. I will have to get a photo of Vanessa's impression of parking a car. ... read more
14 Apr - Dallas & Jackson
I made it to Jackson! After getting through LA came the challenge of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. We landed with another plane landing on a parallel runway at the same time. Dallas is one of the largest airports in the USA. After spending over five minutes taxiing into the terminal there was a rush to get to the next flight. Only problem was it was leaving from the terminal furthest away. There are five terminals, each one having 39 gates. Thankfully there is a train that circles the terminals with the secure area - so no need to go through security checks. ... read more
13 Apr - Los Angeles
After a very long flight I arrived in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and more lines than Beaudesert has stop signs. Thankfully ours was the first plane of the day to arrive arrive at terminal 4 and so after eventually getting off the plane there was only a 20 minute wait for Immigration / Customs.
The US Government now has my fingerprints (standard practice) and a photo. ... read more
Early 2009
wresting with the website, preparing for my first OS trip and other news ... read more
2008 Photo Exhibition
my first ever photo exhibition, being held at The Centre for Arts & Culture - Beaudesert ... read more
2007 Updates
the update cycle for the website begins - will it ever end? ... read more

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