We live in a world of incredible beauty and variety. We have been created with hearts and minds that recognise and appreciate the magnificent glory that pours forth from creation. Rob is one of those fortunate people who has the gift of noticing and capturing that beauty.

Photography is a medium for recording and preserving tiny glimpses of the magnificence around us.

Here you will find stunning landscape photographs that capture the incredible beauty of Australia's varied and beautiful scenery. The photos you can explore here are just some of what photographer Rob Packer has been privileged to see.

If you would like to see some of Rob's most recent work you can see what he's up to on his Instagram feed.

About this site

Rob is a self-taught photographer who also really enjoys doing time-lapses of clouds and the night sky.

You can purchase or license images and time-lapse videos.

A new page has been added with images from his recent trip to Norway. You can find the page here Norway

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